What they are saying about PopFit Kids...

We were looking for ways to get Lola moving because she wasn’t a naturally active kid - now she can’t wait to go to class and exercise every week. PopFit really made her look at fitness and movement differently. She enjoyed every minute of the class and how PopFit made exercising fun.
 - Lauren, Lola’s mom

Jack really loves his PopFit class; he looks forward to it every week. He loves the music, his friends and most of he loves all the fun he has in every class. He is becoming knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition and is now always encouraging his family to eat healthy and to be active. Looking forward to summer camp with you guys! Thanks for all you guys do!
- Tom, Jack’s dad

PopFit Kids has been a truly exciting addition to our Youth Sports program at the 14th Street Y. The kids are all having a blast and the parent’s love that they are learning about healthy living and even talking about it at home.

As our after school program attracts children from more than seven local schools in the community it is important that we offer a compelling and impactful range of programming - something we know we are going to get with PopFit Kids and their fresh approach to kids fitness and healthy activity. PFK is sure to be an after school favorite for years to come.
- Chloe, Director Youth Programs, 14th Street Y

What a great way for kids to learn how to stay in shape and eat healthy! Santiago loves the class: he looks forward to it each week. When I pick him up on Thursdays, we review the handout together and he identifies ways he can meet each goal. As a result, we have been walking more, eating a lot more greens, and planning lots of healthy food scavenger hunts. Thanks for a great class that really engages the kids and inspires them in so many positive ways.
- Margaret, Santiago’s mom

Each week, Matthew looks forward to Thursdays because he knows that's his PopFit Day...as parents we love that he is learning about the importance of exercise and healthy eating.
- Amy, Matthew's mom

It is 50 minutes of engaging activity. No boredom allowed! This type of program could really lead the movement into a healthier community...
– Angela, Parent Committee at PS9

When PopFit offers my son points for doing fun fitness activities and proper eating at home – they give him a chance to think of healthy living as a game he can win.
– Camille, Sam's mom

Beatrix went into her room and suited up in her gymnastics leotard, came out, grabbed her pink dynaband and a jump rope and set up her own little PopFit circuit training routine. We go over the take-home activities each week and she gets excited about what their challenge of the week is. PopFit has really had such a positive effect on her confidence. I don't force my kids’ activities but I know this is something she WANTS to participate in.
- Leslie, Beatrix’s mom

My daughter LOVES Popfit classes! The class keeps kidsentertained and active the whole time, with music, games, and fun obstacle-like floor activities. If you're looking to try a new activity for your 3-5 year old, I highly recommend it!”
- Channah, Abby’s mom

I don't often write testimonials, but thought I would share the great experience Simeon has had in his Popfit Kids class offered at the Y. While I appreciate the more conventional options like Soccer or Karate, Popfit offers something new, and frankly, refreshing! Simeon hasn't yet shown favoritism to a specific sport, but he certainly likes to run around and sweat. His energy is focused into kid friendly circuits and games while being inspired by loud rockin' music. This class provides the fitness tools- muscle coordination, flexibility, balance, endurance- they will need for their athletic careers or just life in general! Anyway, love picking up my sweaty kid every Saturday while he giddily scarf’s down a banana.”
- Sarah, Simeon’s mom

Ivy loves PopFit and when my youngest daughter turns 3 in March I am going to enroll her as well. Thanks for everything and providing such a fun class for Ivy and the rest of the kids.
- Susie, Ivy’s mom

Thank you PopFit! We loved watching Lily in the class today. She calls PopFit her weekly fitness party and talks about it all the time!!!
- Sharon, Lily’s mom

Let me just tell you that Noah has not stopped talking about PopFit. He was EXHAUSTED Saturday night after your event and got a great sleep. He then bragged to everyone Sunday that he had exercised for four hours and that his muscles and even his bones were sore from working so hard. He even told me that perhaps I should be exercising more!
- David, Noah’s dad